Get new hires on the schedule STAT

Clinical readiness solutions get new hires and trainees ready for independent practice so they can get up to speed quickly and start making an impact.

Get Ready for Independent Practice. STAT.

Whether on call or getting up to speed in new reading areas, our clinical readiness solutions are the fastest and most effective way to get radiologists ready for independent practice.
Get new hires on the schedule quickly
Eliminate unnecessary lags in onboarding and keep your practice moving forward. Ensure that your new hires are clinically ready to start contributing ASAP.
Fill gaps in training no matter the experience level
Personalized learning experiences help radiologists upskill, whether you’re a resident in basic training or an experienced radiologist building upon advanced reading skills.
Build new skills without taking time off work
Forget the travel and time off associated with in-person conferences and bootcamps. Build confidence in new skills with ongoing, supportive case-based learning from anywhere.

Clinical Readiness Solutions

Onboarding Pathway

Get new hires ready for independent practice quickly and effectively with an Onboarding Pathway. It gives them the guidance they need to be confident, independent readers to start making an impact on the practice.

Emergency Pathway

Prepare residents to be “on call” for the emergency department with this specialized training series on the most likely emergency diagnoses by subspecialty.

Certification Pathway

Accelerate expansion opportunities in high growth, advanced imaging areas. These targeted pathways are designed to meet subspecialty training and certification requirements, such as MQSA, NASCI, SCCT, and more.

Subspecialty Pathway

Upskill in new areas no matter your level of experience. Trainees can start with the basics and fill in gaps as they gain experience while senior radiologists can advance through more difficult topics as they progress in their career.


Don't just take our word for it

“In a competitive environment, Medality helps us attract new radiologists, provide professional development opportunities to our current radiologists and grow advanced imaging services across our network.”

Ron Shnier

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sihle Magagula

Jackpersad & Partners Inc.
"The graded feedback and model reports are great learning tools I have not had anywhere else. The interaction with the faculty is surprisingly better than expected for an online course."

Dr. Rocki Doss

"I believe you are a revolutionary organization that is positively disrupting the way we train future MRI radiologists. Well done."

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed

“By far the best imaging education website I have ever come across. The efforts you have put into this resource will forever serve the benefit of radiology training across the world.”
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