About Us

Transforming the Way Radiologists Learn and Thrive

Medality is the first Practice Development Platform created to help address the growing demand for medical imaging amidst the shortage of radiologists.

Radiology is one of the only medical specialties that touches every field of medicine. Yet, many radiologists and practice leaders are facing challenges in burnout, accuracy, recruitment, retention and other workload challenges that are increasing in intensity and in number. 

These challenges have been accelerated by the pandemic. Radiologists are now expected to read films outside of their subspecialty focus and to be available 24 hours a day. These demands are causing some subspecialty radiologists to miss key findings, overread and ultimately misdiagnose a patient. That misdiagnosis changes the trajectory of a patient's care plan and could be a missed opportunity for early prevention or the chance to save a life. 

This is what is at the heart of Medality. 

Medality, formerly MRI Online, is the first Practice Development Platform that helps radiologists upskill in advanced imaging areas.

MRI Online originally launched in early 2020 when a group of radiologists wanted to develop their skills in Musculoskeletal MRI. We partnered with world-class radiologist, Dr. Stephen Pomeranz, to create a single MSK course to meet this need.
Since then, Medality has created over 100 case-based video courses with leading radiology educators and houses one of the largest volumes of high-quality, peer-reviewed DICOM cases across all key imaging modalities and subspecialties.

Medality’s emergence couldn’t have come at a better time. 
Due to the increase in demand for medical imaging and the current shortage of radiologists, practice leaders and imaging departments are looking for ways to alleviate overworked, burned out radiologists that are increasingly practicing outside of their subspecialty training.

To address this reality, we created the first ever Practice Development Platform to continue to help radiologists but also to help alleviate the concerns of practice leaders.

Radiology groups looking to grow their practice, meet increased imaging demands, or invest in their team's skills without significant burden to their workload can benefit from Medality’s platform.

Our Mission
We are on a mission to transform the way radiologists learn and thrive. As the field of medicine continues to evolve and change, radiologists cannot solely rely on what they learned during residency and fellowship. 

Medality is focused on providing radiologists with lifelong learning and building case-based simulation courses that mimic practicing radiology in the field. 
Our Goal
The Medality team understands that in order to improve patient outcomes, our radiologists need to be equipped with the tools and skills they need to provide better patient care. 

Our goal is to develop more efficient and more confident radiologists by empowering them to learn a new subspecialty in just five minutes per day.
Two radiologists reading a case

Trusted by tens of thousands of radiologists around the world

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